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Live Draw HK Event #13.

  Event #13 Saturday went much better than #9. I lasted over twice as long, and lost as a much bigger favourite. About 100 minutes in I raised from UTG+1 with 97s, and get 3 callers. I flop a flush draw, and BB bets about half pot. I call, and so does the button. We

Richard Lee and the Sihoki Chinaman’s List

  It’s been two weeks since San Antonio police raided Richard Lee’s home, claiming it to be the “nerve center” for an online bookmaking operation. There’s still been no arrest, but they’re hardly dropping the case. According to the Express-News , Lee was one of three people to get their home raided in this investigation.

Diamond Merilis Slot Monkey Money 5-Reel dengan Game Bonus

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Diamond Digital Systems, penyedia terkemuka perangkat lunak permainan Internet, hari ini merilis yang pertama dari baris baru slot 5-gulungan 9-baris yang menarik dengan fitur permainan bonus layar kedua yang dinamis, Monkey Money. Permainan ini dirilis secara bersamaan di browser berbasis Java Diamond dan format klien unduhan Win32, dan melengkapi banyak permainan meja, video poker, keno,