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Calls for police powers to seize mobile phones used illegally by drivers

  Mobile phones used illegally by drivers could be confiscated, a rank and file police leader has suggested. Police Constable Jayne Willetts, the Police Federation of England and Wales’ roads policing lead, said officers could seize mobiles or Sim cards as a deterrent. One motoring group claimed such a “blunt and brutal” measure may be

20 Free Things to Do in Washington, DC

  There are a large number of things that you can do for free in Washington, DC. Out of them, the list of 20 free things to do in Washington, DC has been discussed here. No matter which time of the year it is when you plan to travel to Washington DC, you can always

Small Businesses Can Leverage Web-Based Advertising With Video And Audio

Motivate and Persuade Your AudienceMore money is wasted on advertising than any other business function. Small and mid-sized businesses in particular throw money at advertising in a vain attempt to establish themselves in the marketplace. However, there is hope that the democratizing nature of the Web environment can even the playing field and allow smaller

Easy Way To SEO Your Website

If you have good content and present it in a reasonable way, then you have an excellent chance of achieving good positions in search engine queries for your main keywords and keyword phrases. You don’t have to resort to any trickery to get your site noticed. However, many web designers and web masters fail to

Search Will Likely Change And Not’s Really A Change

Around the time the World Wide Web was being opened to users of AOL for the first time, and 9600 baud was a massive upgrade in speed for modems, some clever people made predictions about the future that held up pretty well over the years. Someone excavated a piece of Internet lore and posted it

Be Careful With Screenshots, You Could Be Infringing On Someone’s Copyright

What is a copyright? Can everything be copyrighted? A copyright is the expression of an idea. The idea itself is not copyrighted. Ideas can be patented and I will talk about patents later.Let’s consider the example of a story: a poor man who found lots of cash on his way back to his home from

How Long Will This Retirement Game Last?

Go to this Google SERP and you’ll see someone who has effectively wrapped up a monopoly on the keyword phrase “retirement intelligence.” You’ll see the same thing at Yahoo. This company reports owning the top 400 spots on the search for this keyword. How does that happen? Aren’t they guilty of duplicate content? To answer the second question,

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The blanket term used to describe the unpaid, algorithm-driven search results of a search engine, and the methodologies used to achieve such website rankings. Yeah, we’ve known about this for a long time. SEO. It works. Better than PPC. 2. Paid Inclusion: Refers to the payment of a one-time fee for

Search Engine Advertising – One Man’s Beef And A Solution Offered

Let’s first examine the main reasons why advertisers should be abandoning PPC in droves: Cost According to the Fathom Online Keyword Price Index, the average keyword price paid by online advertisers reversed a downward trend and increased 16.5% percent to $1.48 in the third quarter of 2006, up from a $1.43 per click at the

Blog Optimization Will Be The Next Phase In Social Interaction

Some people just don’t get RSS. So cater to them by offering them an option to get your blog posts by email instead. The most popular service to do this automatically is FeedBlitz, although there are also many other tools available to do this. That’s a good suggestion, especially if you write a small business

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