The Pit Boss

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While playing on the tables in Vegas you will always see one of those nasty pit bosses keeping an eye on the play at each table. When I say nasty there really only doing their job. Whilst playing blackjack at Broadwalk next to the Monte Carlo we were playing at a $5.00 table with around 2 other people playing. The others were just playing $5.00 a hand and looked as if they had lost a bit. After around 15 minutes I was up around $90.00 which was good for me, I turned around and this guy had joined the table and put $100 down on the table playing one hand. He won and doubled his money, he then placed the $200 on the table and won again this time with a blackjack. Meanwhile I was putting down $15 a hand and winning as well.

The guy then changed his chips and joined us at the table and carried on winning. As soon as this started happening the pit boss was over and was giving us all dirty looks, at this time the guy next to me who had started with $100 had $1200 next to him I was up around $200. I had all these $5 chips at the table and I was starting to play $25 a hand so I thought it would be a good idea to change the chips into $25 to make it easer for me to know how much I had. I asked the dealer if she could change my chips into $25, the bit boss butted in and said you want to leave the table, I replied no just want to change these to $25 , he replied you want to change these and leave? I was not allowed to change my chips they wanted me off the table and they wanted the guy next to me off. I kept on playing for a bit lost around $50 of my winning and then left. My advise to you is If you go in usa online casino paypal withdrawal is not to play. Their bad losers, what’s a few hundred bucks to a casino anyway? Go to the Monte Carlo during the week and play at there $5 tables, the dealers and pit bosses are a lot friendlier.

Good Food and Music

If your from the UK like me and you’re in Vegas you have got to go to Nine Fine Irishmen in New York New York, I ended up going there around 3 times in 2 weeks. The food was excellent and the music was great along with the cheerful waitresses who are dressed in the traditional stocking and suspenders. They serve Ice cold Guinness and have a menu to please everyone. The Nine Fine Irishmen is a great place to suit everyone, I’d like to say a big thanks to the band that was performing when I went they were really good and there was plenty of dancing going on. Make sure that you bring plenty of money as the Guinness is $7.00 a pint almost as expensive as the $14.00 that I had to pay once in Dubai airport. We sat in the neighbouring piano bar which is a must if you want to keep an eye on what’s going on on the strip. This place as got to be one of my favourite places in Vegas to eat and I will be going back.


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