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AGEN138 announced that it has received provisional licenses from the Spanish gaming regulator, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), allowing it to offer sports betting and slots to players in Spain.

PokerStars already holds licenses in Spain to provide poker and casino table games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

The last twelve months have been very busy for PokerStars’ Spanish business with the brand deploying a range of new products, while continuing to promote the game of poker, which  remains central to the company’s future plans, through a variety of initiatives.

“We’re very pleased to receive provisional licenses to expand our games offering on PokerStars in Spain,” said Gino Appiotti, President of Southern European Operations for PokerStars. “Our operation of online poker, live poker and now online casino shows that players trust us to deliver a variety of games in a fun and exciting way.  We look forward to building on this by launching games under these new licenses”

Despite being a relative newcomer to offering online casino games in Spain, the quality of the PokerStars’ casino product has earned the trust of players, with the brand achieving a double digit share of the Spanish online casino market, while maintaining a strong number one position in poker.

PokerStars intends to provide a timeline for the launch of slots games and sports betting in Spain in the near future.


It took ten days and 100 events, but Togel Singapore MicroMillions has come to an end, when the final handful of low buy-in high-guarantee events took place. The $22 buy-in tournament attracted grinders from all over the world and generated 55,524 entries. The impressive turnout surpassed the already massive $1 million guarantee and brought the total prize pool up to $1,110,480.

It took eleven hours to play out, but when it was done, Nolet20 had cut a five-way deal and walked away with the prize of $89,854.


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