Richard Lee and the Sihoki Chinaman’s List

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It’s been two weeks since San Antonio police raided Richard Lee’s home, claiming it to be the “nerve center” for an online bookmaking operation. There’s still been no arrest, but they’re hardly dropping the case. According to the Express-News , Lee was one of three people to get their home raided in this investigation. Because he required “eight tow trucks, plus a number of pickups and unmarked fleet cars” and the items seized could “fill a 6,500-square-foot home with two driveways,” It could take some time for them to sift through all the evidence they’ve collected.

What we do know is that Lee wasn’t discreet. He left a long paper trail — taking checks, writing checks and even writing “Gamb. Loss” on the memo line of one. Police have put together what is being referred to as “The Chinaman’s List” with names of clients who allegedly placed bets with Lee … among them doctors, lawyers, and prominent businessmen … many of whom are quite worried.

If the anxiety sounds familiar, you were probably here in 1980. That was the year of madam Theresa Brown and her infamous trick list. Once police seized a brothel book containing 3,000 customer names, revival-like fear and trembling spread across the city. If men weren’t scrambling for lawyers, they were running to church.

Lord, have mercy.

San Antonio’s Mayor Phil Hardberger and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff are reportedly not on The List, despite Lee’s telling authorities that “I have powerful friends in the community.” Hardberger says he’s never met Lee, and has only spoken to him several times on the phone. Wolff says he’s nothing more than a poker buddy of Lee’s, and that’s not a criminal offense as far as we know.

Lord of the Ringless?

LAKE TAHOE, NV–When I played that regional World Series tourney yesterday, I have to admit, I briefly got caught up in the “dream” of winning it all. Especially when I saw that there were fewer than 50 entrants. And when that happened, I couldn’t help but imagine the fun of showing up at my home game in Dallas wearing one of those ridiculous-looking Sihoki  -Circuit rings.

Lo and behold, much to my surprise, after being eliminated I learned a ring wasn’t even in play! This may be old news, but I wasn’t aware that the small bling now only goes to winners of the circuit main events.

According to WSOP media director Nolan Dalla, they realized at some point last season that by giving so many away, they may have been devaluing them.

Some Posts Are More Important than Others

Our crazy PokerBlog machinery has all sorts of fun little features … some of which actually work. So the post at the top of the page here has been made extra-sticky … meaning it should stay at the top of the page until we turn it off. After all, millions of Americans’ fun depends on it, and for some of us, so do our livelihoods.

Just an FYI (and a test) — so new posts today will appear directly below the pester-your-senator call to action.


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